Yarbrough, Henry

Henry Yarbrough is buried with many of his family in Indian Creek graveyard. He married Brigette Myrick Davis, a daughter of Myrick and Magnet David, in 1785 in Rowan County. Following her death, he married her sister, Mary Davis Cunningham, the widow of Thomas Cunningham of Revolutionary fame. His nine children came to Tipton County with his two step-children. They were:

  • Catherine married a Smith of the Hugh Smith family of Davidson County, NC
  • Elizabeth married a William Freedle
  • Jane married John Henry Billings
  • Obedience “Biddy” married John Smith, son of Captain David and Suzanna Freezor Smith
  • Mary married a Smith
  • Edward married Jane Kulbeth, daughter of William and Mary Robinson Kulbeth
  • Henry Jr. who died early in life
  • Martha married Charles A. Smith
  • Anderson C. married Mary Larimore

Many, many descendants live in Tipton County who are from the two sons.

Edward lived on Indian Creek and had nine children:

  • Landon Bradford married Susan McGuire and later Safronia Smith
  • Mary E. married Augustus W. Smith
  • William Granville married Adna Angus
  • Edmon Thomas married Mary J. Butler
  • Nancy Jane
  • Harriett E. married James M. Smith
  • James Henry
  • Charley A. married Sammie E McIntosh Smith.

Anderson C. lived two miles north of Covington and is buried in Townsend Cemetery. He had 14 children:

  • William married Mary M. Glass
  • Elizabeth married G. H. Brown
  • John
  • Catherine married R. H. Warmouth
  • Sarah J. married Thomas B. Walk
  • Edward S. married Angus L. “Aggie” Austin
  • James R.
  • Dr. Joseph M. married Nancy Alice Walk
  • Uriah Pinkney married Sarah J. Marshall and later Louise Miller
  • Caroline
  • Mary married James L. Ayers
  • Emeline
  • Elias D. married Sarah Jane Winn and later Eliza Clark
  • Merdith

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Henry Yarbrough was born in 1761. He died on January 30, 1843. Henry was about 81 years old.

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