Girl Burned to Death

Miss Della Williams of Covington Dies Horrible Death

Covington – Consumed by fire when her clothing was ignited by lighting was the fate of Miss Della Williams, 15-year-old daughter of W. S. Williams, a farmer, residing in Tipton county, near the Haywood county line.

Miss Williams was in a field with her father, when a thunderstorm suddenly swept upon her. A bolt dipping from the skies enwrapped her in blue flame, and the girl was converted into a human torch.

Mr. Williams, three feet away, was not injured by the flash. He dashed the contents of a jug of water upon his daughter. However, the young lady was so severely burned that she died in her father’s arms before aid could be summoned.

The lightening did not leave a scratch or a scar on the girl’s body. (The Parisian, Paris, Tenn., June 19, 1914)

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