Military Records

Tell Us About Your Family Member

If you have ancestors from Tipton County who served in units other than what’s listed, let me know and I can add them to a Misc. Regiments page with your email address attached.

If you have information on a specific soldier: his picture, biographical information, pension records, etc., you may send that to me and I will add a new page for your “Soldier.” The soldier must have a connection to Tipton County.

Submit Ancestor Who Served in Another Unit

Information About Specific Soldier

If you have information about a soldier, please submit by email. Please include:

  • Your Name
  • Soldier’s Full Name
  • A Picture
  • Pension Records (or other records)
  • Soldier Bio

To find out which Civil War Regiments came from your county, go here: US Civil War Regiments and type in your county name & state. This site is amazing!