Former Covingtonian Dies in California – Covington friends of Mrs. Maggie Applewhite, formerly of this city, will learn with sorrow of her death, which occurred in Hollywood, Calif., early on the morning of January 6. The deceased was 64 years of age in September last, was married June 27, 1889, in Bowling Green, Ky., was a member of the Methodist church for many years. Her death was quite unexpected. She is survived by her husband and three children. She had made her home in California for the past 14 years. The deceased was formerly Miss Maggie Miller, of Covington and made her home here with her sister, the late Mrs. John W. Campbell, for many years. She was an aunt of Mr. Gordon Campbell, of this city. Mrs. Applewhite was a woman of culture and refinement and she is most pleasantly remembered and her passing is mourned by many old friends in this city. (Maggie Miller Applegate died around 1917) (Covington Leader, unknown date) – Submitted by Lloyd Campbell

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