Leigh’s Chapel Church 1916

Clipped from the Covington Leader (Date Unknown)

Leigh’s Chapel -1916 These folks attended a meeting at the Leigh’s Chapel Church in 1916. The picture belongs to Elva Finley who identified most of the people.

From left are, front row, Mrs. Jess David and children, Rev. Hammil and wife, pastor; Essie Lee Gray; Unknown; Dr. Murray and wife; Arthur Martin; and Floyd Franklin.

Second row sitting, from left are, Amos David; Jim Clark; John Shoaf; Salley David; Grandmother Webb; Mrs. Shelley; Mrs. Lindsey, Dr. Lindsey’s mother; Hesta Bowden; Cassie Whitehorn; Blake Martin; Willie Tilman; Ellie Franklin; Unknown; Aubry Tilman; Unknown; Mrs. Charley Rice; Mr. Freedman and Walter David.

Third row standing, from left are, Will Ida Franklin; Ida Bashirs; Unknown; Cassie Lindsey; Pearl David; Mabel Bowden; Miss Kezel Clark; Lela Clark, Pearl Hawkins; Earl Bowden; Nell Hawkins; Bernice Franklin Malone; Bessie Short; Byrd Beaty Franklin; and Mrs. C. A. Beaty.

Back row standing, from left are, Mr. Whitehorn; Gracy Grantham; Ethel Grantham; Mrs. Jack Webb, (baby) Grover Webb; Bas Shoaf; Bertha Shoaf; Unknown; Shelley; Ike Robinson; Ashley Kurts; Elmer Lindsey; Walter Bowden; Henry Hawkins; Jack Webb; Lauderdale Richardson; James Freedman; Ashley Hawkins, Gordon Bowden; Chester Webb; Jim Short; C. A. Beaty; Edna Vaughan; and Dick Vaughan.

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