Young, James N

James N Young was born on 12 Sep 1832, in Ireland. His father was Robert (21yo) and his mother was Grace (23yo).

James (16yo) is shown living in Tipton County, Tennessee in the 1850 US Census. He is listed along with his parents, Robert (40yo) and Grace (45yo), and siblings, William (18yo), Sarah J (14yo), Elizabeth (10yo), Robert H (8yo) and Grace A (5yo). His father, Robert, is recorded as having a real estate value of $550.

1850 US Federal Census

James married Clarissa “Claricy” J Vaughan on 15 Jan 1857, in Tipton County, Tennessee. However, it was a short lived marriage. Clarissa died on 31 Jan 1858 just a little over a year after the marriage.

Marriage Licence

The next time we see James is in the 1860 US Census. His parents are not listed as they passed in 1854 and in 1859. The census shows the following:

  • James Young
    25 years old
    Occupation is Mechanic & Farmer
    Real Estate Value is $3,880
    Personal Property Value is $1,950
  • Wm Young
    28 years old
    Occupation is Mechanic
  • Sarah J Young
    22 years old
    No Occupation
  • Robert H Young
    16 years old
    No Occupation
  • Gracy A Young
    17 years old
    No Occupation
  • James L Young
    23 years old
    Occupation Preacher

Several family members had passed over the past ten years. The parents were gone and one sibling, Elizabeth, had passed. The siblings were taking care of each other as none of them had gotten married. You will also see the name, James L Young. This is not a sibling but could be a cousin.

1860 US Federal Census

James was probably living in Tipton County when the War of the States began. I do not have any records of when James moved to Arkansas but I’m sure it was during this time. It seems that most all of the siblings made this move. James was also living in either Tennessee or Arkansas when President Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation. In just 25 words, President Lincoln announced that enslaved African Americans living in the South “shall be free”.

James N Young died on 29 May 1872, in Pulaski County, Arkansas, when he was 39 years old. He is buried in Little Rock, Arkansas in Mount Holly Cemetery. Probate was on 20 Jan 1873 in Arkansas.

Wills and Probate

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