Young, Grace Futhey

Grace Futhey Young was born in 1809 in Ireland. She married Robert Young in 1829 in Ireland. They had six children. They were:

  • William N Young born in 1829
  • James N Young born 12 Sep 1832
  • Sarah J Young born 6 Dec 1835
  • Elizabeth Young born 16 Dec 1839
  • Robert H Young born 23 Mar 1843
  • Grace Young born Apr 1845

In November 1848, Grace and her family left Liverpool, England on the Charles Napier according to the Immigration New Orleans Passenger Lists 1820-1945 [National Archives Series Number M259_29]. They are listed on page 1 of 3 and are enumerated as passengers 17-24. The family arrived in New Orleans on 26 Nov 1848.

Immigration New Orleans Passenger List 1820-1945
Immigration New Orleans Passenger List 1820-1945

Grace and family are shown in the 1850 Census as living in District 10, Tipton County, Tennessee.

In 1850, the United States supplied most of the world’s cotton. British factories spun the cotton into fabric and then sold the fabric around the empire. I feel certain that Grace’s husband, Robert, was one of the farmers in the South that produced large cotton harvests thanks to the cotton gin.

Grace Futhey Young died on 4 Jan 1854, in Tipton County, Tennessee. She was 45 years old and was buried in Mount Carmel Cemetery in Covington, Tennessee.

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