Craddock Elizabeth Vaughan

The News Scimitar (Memphis, Tenn.) Nov. 14, 1918

Craddock Elizabeth Vaughan

Little Craddock Elizabeth Vaughan is a five-months-old patriot.

She has really done more than her share toward helping to win the war, and now she is thoroughly satisfied with the result, which means that her soldier-daddy, whom she has never seen, will probably be coming home soon.

Craddock is too young to be a Red Cross nurse just yet, but she is a member of the Junior Red Cross. She boosted the fourth Liberty loan by buying a bond and riding in the parade, too.

Craddock is the little daughter of Private J. C. Vaughan, with the 20th aero squadron in France.

Mrs. Vaughan and her little girl are now with her mother, Mrs. E. K. Trobaugh, at Munford, Tenn. 

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