Young Lady Victim of an Accidental Shooting – Miss Bertha Brown, a young lady 22 years old, daughter of Mr. W. A. Brown, Sr., of this city, was the victim of a very serious accident about noon last Saturday. Miss Brown and her nephew, Edward Brown, a son of Mr. W. A. Brown, Jr., aged about four years, had gone on a visit to the home of a neighbor, Mr. J. G. Miller, when young Brown, who had been playing with toy pistols, picked up a loaded .38 caliber pistol lying on the table in the room, and thinking it was a toy pistol, pointed it at Miss Brown and fired, the bullet striking her in the right side and passing through her body to the opposite side. The young lady was hurried immediately afterward to the office of Dr. N. R. Newman, where she was operated on by Dr. Newman, assisted by Dr. B. V. Dickson. The young lady took a turn for the worse Wednesday and died that evening at 7 o’clock. (The Covington Leader, Thursday, January 31, 1918)

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