Annual Picnic and Barbecue at Tipton

The Covington Leader, July 17, 1919

The annual barbecue and picnic at Tipton will be held Thursday, July 24, 1919. Handy’s Band, of Memphis, will furnish the music. Dancing on the grounds all day and until 12 o’clock that night.

Tipton is noted for its good picnics and fine music. Twenty-five miles north of Memphis, within three-quarters of a mile of the Jefferson Davis highway. Fine roads for automobiles. We will have a nice, shady grove to park cars in, also will have on the grounds plenty of barbecue, cold drinks of all kinds. There will be flying jennies, ball throwing, picture shows and all kinds of amusement. We expect to have with us on this day one or two good speeches from some of our distinguished returned soldiers who went over the top in France. All soldiers are especially invited to this picnic. This picnic is given for their pleasure. Everybody is invited to come out and bring your baskets and enjoy a day of pleasure.

Don’t forget the date – July 24 – and we know you cannot forget the place.

Committee of Arrangements – Geo. R. Eillis, Jr., Munford, Tenn.; Chas. Chapman, Atoka, Tenn.; B. B. Smith, Munford, Tenn.; Milton C. Pickard, Memphis, Tenn.; John Walker, Atoka, Tenn.

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